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The purpose of this phase is to gather the necessary information to provide initial planning and preparation for system design. The steps in the audit phase help identify and plan the primary focus areas that need to be considered in the design phase. This does include technical issues as well as project management topics. In addition, the preliminary estimates are identified to assist in creating the design. Learn More

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The purpose of this phase is to design the system to meet or exceed the client requirements in their specific application. Additional information gathering is conducted during which business processes and specific functional requirements of the client are defined and analyzed. In addition, refinement of the original project goals and objectives are completed.

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The purpose of this phase is to install the system to meet all objectives and goals established in the design phase. All other technical objectives are identified as part of this phase. During this phase, the installation team completes all physical work on site and reaches set milestones.

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The purpose of the Launch phase is to prepare and bring the system (and the client organization) “live”. Key activities during this phase include the completion of user and administrator training, final system hand over, as well as a final fine-tuning of the system. As part of final system tests, necessary adjustments are made to resolve all remaining critical open issues.

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The purpose of this phase is to provide ongoing support to the customer and analyze the project for any areas requiring improvement. “Support” consists primarily of organization of all technical documents and installation documentation and transition of this information to the Support Team through knowledge transfer. Plans are produced for ongoing support of the client’s new system. Learn More



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