Systems Integration

Protect your organization and your bottom line with an enterprise-grade solution designed to help you manage risk and achieve results by providing you with powerful operational tools with actionable intelligence. Open platform architecture powered by best-in- class hardware and software. Intuitive and easy-to- use solutions that offer a seamless migration path to the next-generation environment of safety, security and connectivity.

Next Generation Security ADVANTAGE

Smooth Migration Path – Applied Video can guide your organization on an upgrade path to 100% IP solution, by integrating existing legacy analog systems and making the most of the investments you have made to date.

Simple Expansion Capability – IP solutions from Applied Video can be easily expanded, enabling quick rollout to new locations –whether a single branch office or a global enterprise network.

Vendor Independence – Applied Video systems integrate with products from world's leading vendors, without forcing customers into costly upgrades commonly mandated by proprietary vendors.

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