Managed Services

How Managed Services Can Be a Real Life-Saver

Helping make the most of investments in technology - AVS Managed Services are proactive by design. 24/7 system performance analytics, on-demand training, remote troubleshooting and reporting delivered by a dedicated support team, an extension of every system we bring online.

Next Generation Security ADVANTAGE


System Health Monitoring – overall system health is measured in real time and analyzed for optimal performance, 24/7 designed for proactive and anticipatory service.


Phone Support - help is a phone call away when you need it the most.

Email Support - most effective and quickest way to obtain service.


Remote Diagnostics and Support – significantly reduce time to resolve an issue through secure remote access. 90% of support issues are resolved within 15 minutes of remote support session

On-Site Support - technician is dispatched from closest service location .

On-Demand Training – expert training is available by knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Advanced System Tasks - let us do the hard work, like building custom reports and managing system users.

Software Updates – stay up to date with latest features and make the most of your systems.


Equipment Loaners & Extended Warranty – vital system components like servers and controllers are made available while original equipment is being repaired

Preventative Maintenance – routine cleaning and diagnostics are scheduled to ensure optimal system performance and maximum equipment lifespan.


Network Security - new internet security patches and firewall configuration updates are administered in order to deter external threats.


SafeCity Connect - a network management service designed to support video surveillance networks and public safety applications.



Learn how managed services optimize your security system’s performance, maximize equipment’s life-span and avoid obsolescence, while realizing cost and process efficiencies.