We are hiring

We’re looking for talented, high-energy people to join our company in a variety of positions. If you’re passionate about high technology, have a strong work ethic and want to join a company doing high profile, innovative work in the video surveillance, access control and enterprise safety industry…then this is it.

We’re located at ground zero of the white hot, high technology epicenter in San Francisco. We offer great compensation, amazing facilities, easy commutes and an insanely creative team of committed professionals. 

Sale Engineers

Experience in sales, support or project management in enterprise-scale IT solutions is ideal.

If you have 2+ years experience in direct professional sales or sales support in a complex, consultative selling environments – with a focus on IT systems, network deployments and after sale support we want to talk to you.

Sales Administration & Support

If you are a wizard in the Microsoft office suite, know Salesforce and are familiar with managing Mailchimp and email campaigns…then you’re the one.

You’ll bring strong communications skills, be a good writer and know how to manage multiple projects in both sales and marketing. Experience in working with “geeks, engineers and techies” as well as creative people from outside agencies would be a real plus.

Field Technician and Network Professional

Experience in network installations, system integration and field service is essential. If you’ve worked in the trenches, doing hands-on hardware and systems installations, testing and deployment from site audit to “going live”, then we need to talk to you immediately. Experience in installation, testing and sign-off on alarm systems, cable networks, VoIP systems, video surveillance networks, access control is absolutely ideal.

Managed Services and Support Center Professional

Experience in call center workflows, real-time customer contact, network monitoring, incident reporting and problem resolution environments is required.

You’ll be part of an “always on” group of technicians working in a managed services center doing real-time overview, analysis, incident reporting and resolution of our top customer’s networks.


Email your resume today and we’ll look forward to speaking with you right away. If you don’t see exactly the position you’re seeking, but have the energy, talent and passion for technology, communications and “tech stuff” in general, contact us anyway.

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